Family, Succession, Trust and Generational Handover

The Firm offers advice and assistance on family law and children’s rights, mainly with regard to matrimonial property (namely, the division of movable and immovable property under community property regime), as well as to disputes related to marriage (separation and divorce), cohabitation, civil partnerships and filiation.

Our lawyers boast an extensive experience in the field of donations and successions. In this regard, they both draft wills and deals with inheritance disputes. They also offer a high level of competence in the field of trust.

The Firm also provides support in the field of generational handover, by helping Clients choose the most suitable instruments related to the family business transfer and govern the succession in compliance with the ownership of shareholdings. To this end, BCL relies on multiple contractual patterns which are appropriate to achieve the objective pursued, as well as on the opportunities arising from the considerable independence offered by company law.

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